Trekking in Chandrashila

Camp Holiday Park Chopta offers you Trekking in Chandrashila and Chandrashila Trekking.Trekking in chandrashila is best activity in Chandrika Camp Chopta. This is an attractive trek, with difficulty level rated as easy to reasonable. The trek passes from side to side forests and vast meadow, and offers outstanding views of snow clad Himalayas. We create from Okhimath, and pass from side to side Deoria tal, Chopta and Tungnath to reach the summit of Chandrashila for an surprising view of the Himalayas. Maximum height reached would be approximately 3950 at the summit of Trekking in Chandrashila. The Chopta - Tungnath - Chandrashila trek is a famous destination for chandrashila trekkers. The Chopta region has a lot of treks and trails wounding through jungle and grasslands. Chandrashilla, Tunganath and Devariyatal are the most excellent known trekking in chandrashila routes in the Chopta area. Because of a profusion of birds, Chopta is flattering popular in the middle of birdwatchers.

Chandrashila –Tungnath- Chopta the track we are on to was beautiful and charming. We wore our jacket as it was bit freezing and left for 4 Kms long path. We all were full of power and were pretty keyed up for it. We enjoy the view of lovely snow enclosed peeks at some coldness and meadows as we approved by them. It looked like heaven and no speculates it is called mini Switzerland. In the winters, tracks and meadow are enclosed with snow, but as we went present in April; it was sunny but bit cold throughout mornings and night. As we covered 1 km of track, we in progress feeling tired and wonder how we are going to cover rest of the 3 kms. Enlightening a celestial world at binocular coldness, trekking in Chandrashila Chopta Valley has gained a good deal of rumor between each trekker’s tea corners. That’s a key connection where a trekker acquaints the other and tracks the uncharted trekking destination in India. A short easy trek organization parallel to the high Himalayas. In the early spring the rhododendron woods glow red as the plants blossom. The view from the Chandrashilla top will wait in one’s nostalgia for really long.