Our Vision And Mission

Our Mission:

We at Camp Grand Holiday Camp are committed to an organization of trust, providing staunch and quality services to meet all the desired needs of the customers. We aim at achieving optimum customer's satisfaction through highly motivated employees' involvement and well established continual quality management systems. With an emphasize on enriching personal experiences and environmental awareness through adventure and Eco tourism, local society, and culture.

Our Vision:

With our customer-centric approach, combined with knowledgeable and innovative methods, we aspire to abridge the gap between adventure and industry. We strive to cater to clients from across the world by promoting the vast potential of eco-tourism, tastefully mixed with pleasure, learning and imbibing the rich heritage of the region by projecting local culture and talents and ensuring minimum impact on environment. We aim to create a long lasting impression of a rewarding trip to our guests with rejuvenated mind, body and soul.