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Bird-Watching Chopta (Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary)

Chopta in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary is lush green with some excellent winter and spring birds and spectacular landscapes. A mix of deodar and pine forest with rhododendrons, amidst lush green 'Bugyal' or grasslands, it is perhaps the best and easiest in India to see the Himalayan Monal, the stunning 'nine-coloured' state bird of Uttarakhand. accessible from place.
That alone would be worth the long drive, but there's more to the area. This place is the most favorite of bird lovers, every year people from this country and abroad come to see the birds.
Particularly the Himalayan Monal, as well as other birds such as the Kalij and Koklasa Pheasant, the delightful Brown Dipper, the Nutatch and the Laughing Thrush. Chopta is a wonderful place for wildlife lovers, birdwatchers and photographers alike.

Target Species
Snow PartridgeChukar PartridgeHill PartridgeKoklass PheasantHimalayan Monal Kalij PheasantGrey NightjarHimalayan CuckooSnow PigeonSpeckled Wood PigeonOriental Turtle DoveWedge-tailed Green PigeonBearded VultureHimalayan VultureMountain Hawk-EagleGolden EagleHimalayan Buzzard Collared OwletCrested KingfisherYellow-rumped Honeyguide Rufous-bellied WoodpeckerScaly-bellied Woodpecker Slaty-headed Parakeet Long-tailed MinivetHimalayan Shrike-babbler Maroon OrioleBlack-headed Jay Yellow-billed Blue MagpieRed-billed Blue MagpieGrey TreepieRed-billed ChoughGrey-headed Canary-flycatcherYellow-browed TitRufous-vented TitGrey Crested TitHimalayan Black-lored Tit Himalayan Bulbul Nepal House MartinScaly-breasted CupwingNepal Cupwing Black-faced WarblerAberrant Bush WarblerGrey-sided Bush WarblerChestnut-headed

TesiaBlack-throated BushtitWhite-throated Bushtit Buff-barred WarblerAshy-throated WarblerWhistler’s Warbler Grey-hooded WarblerHimalayan PriniaRusty-cheeked Scimitar BabblerStreak-breasted Scimitar BabblerBlack-chinned Babbler Striated LaughingthrushVariegated Laughingthrush Chestnut-crowned LaughingthrushBar-throated MinlaWhite-throated LaughingthrushWhite-browed FulvettaWhiskered YuhinaStripe-throated YuhinaWhite-tailed NuthatchWallcreeperBar-tailed TreecreeperRusty-flanked TreecreeperLong-billed ThrushWhite-collared BlackbirdGrey-winged BlackbirdChestnut ThrushDark-sided FlycatcherRufous-bellied NiltavaSmall NiltavaVerditer FlycatcherHimalayan BluetailGolden Bush R obinSpotted ForktailUltramarine FlycatcherSlaty-blue FlycatcherBlue-capped RedstartWhite-capped RedstartChestnut-bellied Rock ThrushBlue-capped Rock Thrush Brown DipperFire-breasted FlowerpeckerGreen-tailed SunbirdAlpine AccentorAltai AccentorRosy PipitBlack-and-yellow Grosbeak Red-headed Bullfinch Spectacled Finch Scarlet FinchPink-browed Rosefinch Spot-winged Rosefinch Rock Bunting